Friday, June 18, 2010


so apparently running a company, having 2 small children and trying to workout 5 days a week leaves little time to blog. Really not even sure if anyone reads this. lol

To catch up from last couple months:

                                                                    my world:)
                                     my sister susan, bro george, me, and my sister kristy.

we went to Seal Beach, CA for a couple weeks and rented a beach house. so much fun. saw my sisters and brother and had a blast.

dun dun dun.............I unfortunatly turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!!! was crazy. i am still weirded out. i know, "like get over it!" i cant!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now i lie and say im 27.: ) dont hate, you know you wanna too.

noah had his celebration of learning from preschool.

so far all we do is swim!!! its too hot to even think so we just swim. oh, and im still going at my garden.

                                                  rode the verde canyon railroad. i freaking love trains. dont ask, i dont know why?
                                                                 im centering my chi: )
 6 yr anniversay sedona trip with NO KIDS! first time ever....i was a wreck! lol

The happiness project has taken a back seat for May and June since i am so busy with other stuff, but will return in july and ill blog about it then!!

ok, off to workout. peace and love.