Friday, June 18, 2010


so apparently running a company, having 2 small children and trying to workout 5 days a week leaves little time to blog. Really not even sure if anyone reads this. lol

To catch up from last couple months:

                                                                    my world:)
                                     my sister susan, bro george, me, and my sister kristy.

we went to Seal Beach, CA for a couple weeks and rented a beach house. so much fun. saw my sisters and brother and had a blast.

dun dun dun.............I unfortunatly turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!!! was crazy. i am still weirded out. i know, "like get over it!" i cant!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now i lie and say im 27.: ) dont hate, you know you wanna too.

noah had his celebration of learning from preschool.

so far all we do is swim!!! its too hot to even think so we just swim. oh, and im still going at my garden.

                                                  rode the verde canyon railroad. i freaking love trains. dont ask, i dont know why?
                                                                 im centering my chi: )
 6 yr anniversay sedona trip with NO KIDS! first time ever....i was a wreck! lol

The happiness project has taken a back seat for May and June since i am so busy with other stuff, but will return in july and ill blog about it then!!

ok, off to workout. peace and love.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So i always thought the people that lied about thier ages were just silly.....until i realized i am turning 30 in one month. Ew, i know. i am thouroghly (sp?) depressed. i feel like my skin is getting dryer and my hair is falling out now that i am turning 30 next month. such a wierd feeling.i will probably hide for a few days after i turn 30 in a deep depression.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MARCH- "de-clutter my life!!"

Wow, i am taking organizing to a whole different level...and it feels great!! I declared March as my "declutter my life" month for my happiness project and i am accomplishing so much. So far, i have purged/organized the kids closets and clothes, organized ALL my kitchen cabinets, organized the garage, organized my office more,....and all i have left is my closet, bathroom cabinets and nightstands!! Wahoo!! For some reason i can NOT relax or really be happy when i know things are secretly messy and not all neat and tidy. Here is a snap shot of my cookbook me, this is a HUGE difference from before. I used to have to hold the papers in there while i shut the cupboard door so nothing would fall out...LOL Ghetto, i know.

Well, off to tackle my closet!!! yay! I'll post before / after pics soon!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Most of you that know me, know that since last year, i have become a total health FREAK. I mean freak, because i am OBSESSED with what goes in my body and my kids. I dont do dyes, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, bottled juices(i freshly juice all the juice for our family twice a week), soda, anything white in grains(only WHOLE grains), and best of all....NO MEAT!!! Well, no anything that has ever had a heart beat! And dont tell me its mean to eat veggies, they never had a CNS(central nervous system) so it doesnt hurt when i chop brocoli heads people! We also eat dairy maybe once a week...only because i cant find a good vegan ranch dressing: ((( so sad i know....

So, anyways, i get request to post recipes that i make all the time that are vegan/vegitarian. So here is one i made this morning!! Sorry i forgot to take a pic...: ( bad blogger!!!

1 cup flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 banana
1 1/2 cups almond or coconut milk
1 T brown sugar
1 1/2 cups fresh blueberries

*i am OBSESSED with my Vita Mix blender and i use it for this. I just dump everythiung but the flour in my vitamix, blend for 15 seconds, then keep it on low and add in flour. Then i dump in my blueberries and hand mix them in. dont blend. Then get your pan out...yada yada, add some earth balance buttery spread and some 100% maple syrup(do NOT by Aunt Jamimas artificial crap), go to Trader Joes, and eat up!!
Soooo good and not that bad for you, unless you are drinking the syrup from a straw!: )


look! its spider /cowboy/buzz lightyear man!
mini trent!
When i imagined being a mom, i never thought i would have boys. What do you do with boys? They are dirty and stinky and messy?!?! Well, i got far! And i love them SO much ! They drive me seriuosly insane alot of days, but at the end of the day, when i go to check on them sleeping, i thank god for my 2 little blessings. Without them, i would be a total looser. they make me want to be a better person every day. Words dont describe a mothers love. its awesome.:)

My Happiness Project

So, i got inspired after watching the TODAY show a month or so ago and a lady was on there talking about her book. She is a working mom, like me, and she wrote a book and has a blog called The Happiness Project. Basically what she did is instead of doing new years resolutions each year she picks a "resolution" or project for each month throughout the year. I thought this was so cool. So, i decided, hey, i wanna do this too! basically i just concentrate on that project the whole month. I already started my March "declutter my life" one, and lets say, I've gone a little nuts. I am really OCD as it is, and i am taking it to new levels...with...dun dun dun....MY LABEL MAKER!! Yippee! I love that freaking thing! lol Watch out pantry! the spice cabinet has already been victimized!!: )

This is what i have come up with so far: (feel free to give me ideas!)

March: declutter my life

April: become more aware of the environment
May: helping others; living more service orientated
June: expanding my culinary talents
July: become a better mother
August: meditation, incorporate in my life everyday.

P.S. i used this photo because i thought i looked deep in thought? eh? eh??

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Weekend: )

In honor of the "love" weekend....i want to give a shout out to the main man in my life....: )

We have been married for almost 6 years. Not going to say its all been peaches and roses, because thats not life. I cant stand reading peoples blogs that are like " Life is great, my husband is wonderful, my kids are perfect...blah blah blah" LOL. I love that we have had hard times and wonderful times and it has all made us stronger and more in love then ever. We are not living in a mansion house, driving new beamers, shopping every weekend for toys, but i think we have the most perfect blessed life EVER...and i love it!: )

My children

I have really been trying to cherish my kids more lately. in this fast paced world we live in, i like having two angels that keep me grounded and remind me what life is really about. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a mother. i often wonder why god choose me to be one sometimes. i am no different then the girls that cant bear children, so why me? i feel sooo lucky though and i dont take a second of my time with my kids for granted. i try to see the beauty in sand from noahs shoes all over the kitchen floor....wyatt splashing in the toilet water, trying to juggle a successful business and be a mother. i think this valentines day weekend i am grateful for my kids most and the unconditional love they give me. (i love trent too!!)

The Snow!

yes, it snows in AZ. its a bit of a hike, but 3 1/2 hrs later, and your in white bliss. we went to pinetop last weekend and had a blast. check out my little snow monkeys...: )
i swear wywy is his mini me.

my little noah: )

all wyatt did was sit in the snow and eat it. well all he ever wants to do is eat, so...?

me and my babies:)

another snow eater:)

i just love trent's fake maybe if i keep posting it he will get a real smile for photos..: )

For you Cerisa

After a dear friend passed suddenly in Oct 2009, Cerisa, some friends and i decided to run the PF Chang 1/2 marathon in her honor since she ran it every year. We love you Cerisa!!

not looking pretty after 13.2 , but at least i made it!
running for cerisa!!

Here i am

i have sworn through the last few years i would NOT do a blog. i guess i finally thought my life was interesting enough to do one?  here we go!