Wednesday, October 26, 2011

She's almost here!!!

So obviously i am not one of those moms thats going to be blogging every week. lol But pretty much the last 6 months ive just been enduring this NASTY heat in az and playing with my kids: ) Baby girl is due in 1 1/2 weeks!!! stay tuned!: )

Monday, March 7, 2011

BABY BABY, we're having another BABY!!

So, we knew we wanted more kids.....but not yet.......however, a stubborn little determined spirit was determined to make a grand enterance in this here we go again : )!! I am around 6 weeks and due Nov 4th.......

I was in total shock....hence, the need for 4 pregnancy tests here......

Wyatt keeps saying BABY?! he's so excited! so is Noah!!

Noah says he wants a baby girl: ))  (mommy does too! but i'll take a healthy boy or girl too: )  )
We extremly blessed to be able to be pregnant and very excited for the new adventures.....LITTLE scared of being out numbered now with 3 kids though!!LOL


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

WOW!! I am back....for GOOD this time!!

ok, so like its really been the most intense crazy 6 months of my LIFE. let me catch you up. Lets do bullets to make this easy and less to read. i hate to read. i like to look at pics. lol, yes its my ADD.

  • September: stopped breastfeeding Wyatt. successfully weaned off my antidepressants that i've been on for years. we went to az grand resort for a night with the boys for a fun labor day!: )

  • october: halloween!! we seriously went to 5 halloween parties this year. i dressed my kids up FIVE times. it was nuts! but fun: )
  • november: we went to california to spend time with family, went to disneyland, and my big brother George got married.....FINALLY!! ha! he's 37!: ) He married the sweetest most perfect girl ever, Ingrid: ))

  • December: made the huge announcement that after 7 years of doing what i absolutley LOVE, i closed my business, S.I.M. Agency. One of the most difficult and best decisions of my LIFE. Made an agreement with another agency in town for all my talent, . Then there was christmas, new years, etc. With all the drama, my ever struggling battle with anxiety and panic attacks returned and had to get back on the antidepressants to help gain my sanity again. Its been 2 months and i am still trying to stablelize, but i am getting better each day. I think it is important to speak about this so that others that struggle with anxiety and depression dont feel alone.

  • January: my baby baby Wyatt turned 2 years old!! i cant believe it!! Also we had an agency "wrap" party to end the era of S.I.M. Agency

     we took kids to amazing jakes: ) fun times: )
     wyatts obsessed with his baby couzin Kaiya!
  • February: me and trent went off to the Firesky HOtel for a night to celebrate love day. also took kids out to Superstition Farm, they love it there and so do i: )

Many of you know i was a photographer before i had my agency, and i have decided to get back into it again. i have been practicing alot, heres some stuff i shot recently. i will be launching my *photography business* this summer most likely. so check back often! here are some recent *tests* i have done to practice.....

*birth photgraphy....

 children photography....

 family photography....
 fahion photography....

 senior photography...

So, now what? Well, besides just trying to adjust to my new *normal* life of being a stay at home mom....which involves alot of running around, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and my fav, *playing* with my babies, life has settled down ALOT. I am enjoying spending all my time with my kids and practicing my photography skills. I have a very blessed life and couldnt ask for more: )