Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bieng a momo is not always easy....

i must admit most days after i have done drop off and pick up 4 times for school, run to the grocery store, picked up the house, done laundry, cooked, changed diapers, run errands, i am SO done by 5p. i rarely even have time to PEE!!! seriously!!
 but as strung out as i am by 5p and looking forward to 7p and 745p bed times......about 95% of the time around 9 or 10p, i sit down, and reflect on the day and think of my babies, and how INCREDIBLY blessed i am to live this life i have. i am SO thankful to be a stay at home mom. life is so much more fullfilling because of these little people right here: )

its funny, you get to be a certain age and you stop caring about having so much money or the nicest house or wearing the latest fashions etc. you just feel blessed to have a little family who is healthy and happy, a husband who has a job, a car to drive, and food on the table. these are the things we are thankful for each night in our prayers.

living the good life: )

Looks who's 3!

Our sweet little Wyatt (ok not always sweet, like when he bit baby Hunter yesterday) turned 3 last week......Time sure does fly. seems like it goes faster the more kids you have.

but Wyatt is such a funny little guy.

Funny stuff he says in a real raspy kind of voice:

"whats that smell?"
"whats that noise?"
"thats weird!"

he had a spiderman party last saturday. im pretty sure he had more sugar that day then he has in his whole life.

Body For Life.......vegan style.

Ugh...there are no words for how much i hate being fat after i have a baby. Yes, i will admit i am vein and i want to be back to my size 4 in the first 6 weeks. whats the big deal? the Victoria secret models do it AND walk the catwalk in a thong? why cant i? oh, i dont have a personal trainer/chef/driver/maid/assistant...etc. Blah.

So i am doing it the good ol' fashion way. Dieting. but in this particular diet, its not like a "diet", its really a way of life. i have done it many times in the past 10 yrs and works AMAZEBALLS! So, here we go again. i put up my skinny jeans (size 27 Hudson supermodel jeans) in my room hanging so i can look at them and be more motivated!!

but.....all i can think about tonite, after a LONG day of being a "momo" and running around kids and cleaning etc, is this:


the one TOTALLY awesome thing about this diet is you eat a particular way for 6 days, and on day 7, you can eat whatever you want, like really, anything.

so for now, i will be watching my tevo'ed shows and eating this.....

wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

makes my heart melt.

big brother, little sister.

The Holidays, Hunters blessing, and bath time!: )

Thursday, January 19, 2012

can you stand it!!!???

dude, having a daughter is.the.BEST. (love love love my boys....) but chubby little toes painted pink??!!! OMG i am in HEEEAAAVVVEEEN.

Mia and Hunter: )


today i am grateful for these.....

i am grateful i have the opportunity to be a mother. its not always easy, and there are alot of dirty shoes and socks lying around the house that i have to constantly pick up (amongst other things), but life would be so boring without my little babies: ) grateful: )

ok im back for good this time.

well alot has happened once again.....birth of baby Hunter, the holidays, and wyatt getting stitches! such an exciting life we live: )
its amazing how much busier i am now that i have 3 children. sometimes i have to say that out loud to really GET that i actually have 3 little people i am responsible for .....yet i still forget to feed them sometimes?

my days consist of getting up/dressing/feeding/ one off to school, then cleaning, organizing, errands, grocery shopping, playing, picking up from school, playing, making dinner, bathing, putting to bed, then cleaning some more.....then doing it all over again. most days im pretty exhausted by 5p....but also most days i can still smile and be so grateful i have 3 healthy children God has blessed me with and that i am lucky enough to be able to stay at home and raise them. i live a very blessed life. thier smiles get me through the days.

will post more tomorrow when wyatt is in school and i have a moment to breathe!!