Monday, March 7, 2011

BABY BABY, we're having another BABY!!

So, we knew we wanted more kids.....but not yet.......however, a stubborn little determined spirit was determined to make a grand enterance in this here we go again : )!! I am around 6 weeks and due Nov 4th.......

I was in total shock....hence, the need for 4 pregnancy tests here......

Wyatt keeps saying BABY?! he's so excited! so is Noah!!

Noah says he wants a baby girl: ))  (mommy does too! but i'll take a healthy boy or girl too: )  )
We extremly blessed to be able to be pregnant and very excited for the new adventures.....LITTLE scared of being out numbered now with 3 kids though!!LOL



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you get your little princess!

  2. Congrats! Once you have 3, you might as well have more because once you're out numbered, it's all the same!!! Love ya!

  3. I am glad you are joining the pregnancy band wagon! I hear #3 is an adventure! Congrats!