Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Body For Life.......vegan style.

Ugh...there are no words for how much i hate being fat after i have a baby. Yes, i will admit i am vein and i want to be back to my size 4 in the first 6 weeks. whats the big deal? the Victoria secret models do it AND walk the catwalk in a thong? why cant i? oh, i dont have a personal trainer/chef/driver/maid/assistant...etc. Blah.

So i am doing it the good ol' fashion way. Dieting. but in this particular diet, its not like a "diet", its really a way of life. i have done it many times in the past 10 yrs and works AMAZEBALLS! So, here we go again. i put up my skinny jeans (size 27 Hudson supermodel jeans) in my room hanging so i can look at them and be more motivated!!

but.....all i can think about tonite, after a LONG day of being a "momo" and running around kids and cleaning etc, is this:


the one TOTALLY awesome thing about this diet is you eat a particular way for 6 days, and on day 7, you can eat whatever you want, like really, anything.

so for now, i will be watching my tevo'ed shows and eating this.....

wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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