Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MARCH- "de-clutter my life!!"

Wow, i am taking organizing to a whole different level...and it feels great!! I declared March as my "declutter my life" month for my happiness project and i am accomplishing so much. So far, i have purged/organized the kids closets and clothes, organized ALL my kitchen cabinets, organized the garage, organized my office more,....and all i have left is my closet, bathroom cabinets and nightstands!! Wahoo!! For some reason i can NOT relax or really be happy when i know things are secretly messy and not all neat and tidy. Here is a snap shot of my cookbook me, this is a HUGE difference from before. I used to have to hold the papers in there while i shut the cupboard door so nothing would fall out...LOL Ghetto, i know.

Well, off to tackle my closet!!! yay! I'll post before / after pics soon!!

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