Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Happiness Project

So, i got inspired after watching the TODAY show a month or so ago and a lady was on there talking about her book. She is a working mom, like me, and she wrote a book and has a blog called The Happiness Project. Basically what she did is instead of doing new years resolutions each year she picks a "resolution" or project for each month throughout the year. I thought this was so cool. So, i decided, hey, i wanna do this too! basically i just concentrate on that project the whole month. I already started my March "declutter my life" one, and lets say, I've gone a little nuts. I am really OCD as it is, and i am taking it to new levels...with...dun dun dun....MY LABEL MAKER!! Yippee! I love that freaking thing! lol Watch out pantry! the spice cabinet has already been victimized!!: )

This is what i have come up with so far: (feel free to give me ideas!)

March: declutter my life

April: become more aware of the environment
May: helping others; living more service orientated
June: expanding my culinary talents
July: become a better mother
August: meditation, incorporate in my life everyday.

P.S. i used this photo because i thought i looked deep in thought? eh? eh??

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